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Best Grand Cayman Wedding Vendors Part I

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Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life, but also one of the most complicated. How do you choose what photographer to hire? Who should be the caterer? Hair and makeup? Video? Music? There are so many moving parts that it can be hard to choose!

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with some amazing vendors here in Cayman; so amazing that I felt the need to share my experience with each. Here are the BEST Grand Cayman Wedding Vendors, for anyone looking to marry on this beautiful island:

Wedding Planner: Celebrations LTD 

We chose Celebrations as our wedding planner because we'd heard so much about their event planning on island, and saw countless examples of their weddings on photography blogs. They seemed to do such a beautiful job decorating their venues and their clients had nothing but good things to say about their experiences with them, so why not? We contacted them shortly after getting engaged because we knew we wanted to get married within the year (and I am a psycho who needed to start planning STAT), and were paired up with a planner named Andrea.

Andrea did an amazing job of understanding our vision and creating a concept that reflected our dream wedding, while our other planners, Dora, Mary-Ann and Angela, brought her design to life in full force! We wanted rustic, elegant and beachy, and that is exactly what we got, and then some. I give a more thorough breakdown of the decor in my post, Our Rustic Beach Wedding in Grand Cayman [Decor], but it was so stunning that I can't help but repeat myself. I had high expectations for Celebrations before we even booked them as our planner; what I didn't foresee was them exceeding those expectations to the extent that they did. I still, to this day, look back at pictures in absolute awe, and can't believe that what I am seeing was OUR wedding!

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Photo by Jenna Leigh Photography

On top of the impeccable detail, they were totally on top of their game on the day of. Their timing was meticulous, they made everything run smoothly, they kept us on schedule and most importantly… made sure us newlyweds had a chance to eat and drink! I didn't have to think about a single thing, which is exactly how it should be on your wedding day!

Photography: Jenna Leigh Photography

I literally cannot say enough good things about Jenna Leigh Photography. We first met Jenna and her husband Jon (who is often her second shooter) at our engagement session about a month before our wedding. It was an amazing opportunity to get to know the people who would be taking our photos on our big day, and to get an idea of what we could expect for our wedding photos. Let me start by saying that I am not usually comfortable in front of the camera. I'm one of those “what do I do with my hands?” kind of people. But Jenna and Jon made us so comfortable that it felt so natural and frankly, fun! It didn't feel staged, it didn't feel awkward, and we weren't watching the clocks for the photo session to be over. We were able to be our goofy loving selves, which you can feel in the photos.

20170326 223246030 iOS 1024x684 - Best Grand Cayman Wedding Vendors Part I
Photo by Jenna Leigh Photography

Jenna took the time to truly understand what we were hoping to achieve with our wedding photography, which is so important because in the end, your photos, videos and memories are all you're left with. On wedding day, Jenna and Jon worked with Jason (video) to capture every element of our day: bridal details, getting ready, first look, portraits, wedding decor, ceremony, family and friends, bridal party, cake cutting, reception, you name it. If there was a moment to be captured, they caught it.

When I got our teaser photos in the days after the wedding, I was over the moon. When I got the full gallery just a month later, I cried. I cried because I missed the day, I cried because the photos were stunning, but I mostly cried happy tears because the album brought me back to the best day of my life – in the most perfect, beautifully executed way. I hate to compare, but I'm going to. I've seen wedding albums and just thought, “Huh, those are nice.” I've browsed through other people's photos and thought, “But where are all the shots of the bridal party? Where are the friends and family photos? What was the dance party like? Are those the only pictures from the ceremony?” There's often something missing. I didn't think that ONCE. I may be biased, because it was my #bestdayever, but I think I can speak for many when I say that our wedding was one of the most wonderfully documented events ever.

20170603 DSC 1886 1 732x1024 - Best Grand Cayman Wedding Vendors Part I
Photo by Jenna Leigh Photography

Jenna has a great eye, she's professional yet comfortable, she's ultra-talented and you would be SO lucky to have her shoot your wedding. I'm already brainstorming how else I can get her to take pictures of me because I love her work that much, and I love her as a person that much. Who'd have thought that an awkward person like me would want to get back in front of the camera?

Music (Live Band): Trinity 

We found our live band when we were out for happy hour at Grand Old House one Friday night. We were sitting there enjoying our drinks and the sunset when both of our ears perked up at the sound of the live music that started playing behind us. We didn't say anything to each other at first, but it only took about 3 or 4 songs before we looked at each other with the same knowing look. This was our wedding band.

20170603 DSC 5550 1024x684 - Best Grand Cayman Wedding Vendors Part I
Photo by Jenna Leigh Photography

Trinity consists of a female vocalist and violinist, Kate Allenger, male vocals and guitar, Cory Allenger, and a bongo drummer, Luis Eden. Yes, you read that right… bongo drums! We loved Trinity for a lot of reasons, but what stuck out the most was the bongo drums, because it allowed them to put a unique, island-y twist on top songs. While they are incredibly versatile, playing anything from Bob Marley to Katy Perry, they really have a Jack Johnson / John Mayer vibe, both of whom I enjoy. This was exciting for me because I knew I really wanted to walk down the aisle to “Better Together,” and back up the aisle to Israel Kamakawiwo'de's “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Trinity played pre-ceremony as guests arrived, ceremony processional, recessional and cocktail hour and they were so good – easily one of the best vendor decisions we made! The guests loved their sound and it really, truly fit the venue.

Wedding Cake: The Cake Studio

We had two-tier caked made by The Cake Studio and it was beautiful!

20170603 DSC 1995 684x1024 - Best Grand Cayman Wedding Vendors Part I
Photo by Jenna Leigh Photography

We wanted a combination of rustic and beachy, which I think they did such a good job of achieving with the brushed look, the small bit of coral and the peach flowers (which matched our flower arrangements quite well!). We went in for a cake tasting a couple of months before the wedding and settled on two flavors – rum cake with rum frosting and caramel cardamom with a butter cream frosting. We were psyched to be able to choose two different kinds because they were both so good and we couldn't decide!

Working with The Cake Studio was easy, largely because their Instagram is full of examples of cakes they have created for other clients. We pointed out what we liked, what we didn't like, and various elements that we wanted incorporated into our own. It looked and tasted exactly how we wanted!

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