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Best Happy Hour Spots in Grand Cayman

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Residents and locals live and breath Happy Hour in Grand Cayman. It's a time to unwind with your friends, eat good food and indulge in a well-made island cocktail. Well-deserved, right? To me, Happy Hour is more than just getting good deals on drinks and appetizers, so I suppose you could also call this “Best Places To Get Drinks in Grand Cayman.”

Here are some of my favorite spots to relax after a long day of work:

Royal Palms Beach Resort

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This has got to be the #1 island favorite across the board, for residents, locals and visitors alike. Royal Palms Beach Resort sits on 7 Mile Beach prime real estate, offering some of the best sunset views on the island. There is a pool surrounded by cabanas, two bars (one is 1/2 swim-up), lounge chairs in the sand, plenty of bar seating, high-tops, regular tables and more. The food is good and the drinks are better. If you are going to indulge in an island drink (think piña coladas), this is definitely one of the best places to do it. Shoes optional!

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Yes, that is a beer overturned in a pitcher of colada.

7 Mile Beach, Website

Coccoloba at The Kimpton

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The Kimpton has absolutely KILLED it, having recently opened as the newest luxury hotel on island. With that, they've brought us some awesome new eats, including beach-side Coccoloba, which offers yummy Mexican bites and killer cocktails served in fun glasses. If you're hoping for an awesome insta-moment – this is your place!

The Westin

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The Westin recently renovated the interior lobby and exterior bar area, making it a comfy spot for both guests and locals to frequent for a nice drink – often accompanied by local artists performing. Snag a drink and saddle up at the bar or roam into the sand and grab yourself an unoccupied beach chair or cabana to watch the ALWAYS beautiful sunset.

Guy Harvey's Restaurant & Bar / Bar Crudo

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Situated right in the heart of George Town, Guy Harvey's Restaurant & Grill / Bar Crudo is an excellent spot to grab a cocktail and a fresh catch, especially if you work in town or are visiting on a cruise ship. The location offers an awesome view of the harbor in town, where you can often spot cruise ships coming and going, divers and snorkelers exploring the sea, and visitors roaming the streets of our colorful little town. The drinks are quite generous and the menu is large, with many bites, small and large, to choose from.


Karoo sits among the hustle and bustle of Camana Bay, and is particularly popular among the business crowd. It's a super social and fun place to be at 5 o'clock on a Friday evening. The food menu is perfect for happy hour as it is largely made up of small- and medium-sized sharing plates. I have probably been to Karoo more than any other restaurant on this island, with Royal Palms as a close second. Almost every time, my dining companions and I have just ordered a bunch of small bites, all of which are delicious and generously sized. The prices are reasonable, too, as compared to many other restaurants on the island.

Camana Bay, Website

Grand Old House

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I have only been to Grand Old House once, but it quickly became a new favorite. Live music, tapas, a great martini selection and a beautiful deck overlooking the ocean. If you're looking to relax with a nice breeze, an excellent view, and smooth music in the background, this is a great choice.

South Sound, Website

Rum Point

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Ok, I know this is a bit of a haul for what most consider “happy hour,” but the bar at Rum Point has some of the best island cocktails. Known for being home of the mudslide, you are guaranteed some relaxation with all of the specialty rum drinks that this place has to offer. Grab a Cayman Sunset and watch the sun set on a comfy lounge chair; watch out for that rum floater! If you've got time… head over to Kaibo down the street for a casual dinner in the sand.

Rum Point, Website

Rackam's Waterfront Bar & Grill

I don't spend a whole lot of time in George Town, as it can get busy during the day with cruise ship visitors, but when I do go… Rackam's is usually my go-to spot. The menu has a variety of options, the drinks are good and the view is great – especially if you choose a table on the far side of the deck, away from the bar area. They have free fries and wings each Friday after work, and also do a tarpon feeding every night at 7:30pm which is pretty cool to see.

George Town, Website



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