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Boston Brow Studio Skincare Review

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Looking to boost your self-confidence? Look no further than Boston Brow Studio in Lexington, MA, where the ultra-talented perfectionist, Marissa Kong, is giving women the brows of their DREAMS. Seriously, check out their insta.

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Their mission is to empower one’s self confidence by giving them the results they strive for to “wake up and go!” Whether it be strutting out with freshly microbladed brows, feeling glamorous with eyelash extensions, or enhancing your natural beauty with a lash lift and tint.

But they aren't only about a killer set of brows and long lashes. Recently launched is their new skincare product line that is botanically based, gentle and super effective. The line includes a foaming cleanser, a daily moisturizer, a mint exfoliating facial polish and a makeup remover.

I was lucky enough to snag the whole line last time I was state-side and have been using it for over a month, and let me tell you… I am sold! And that's a hard thing to do given how indecisive my skin tends to be.

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I'll start with my favorite… the Foaming Cleanser. Oh, the cleanser! It smells like what I would imagine laying in a field of clouds, rainbows, and fresh flowers would smell like. Seriously, I want every single product in this scent, and then some (yo Marissa, can we get this in shampoo, body wash, soap, and body lotion? K, thanks). It's derived from coconuts and sugar beets, and contains aloe, chamomile, cucumber and Japanese green tea to tighten, soothe and deliver antioxidants.

How many times have you tried a foaming cleanser, only to feel like you have to rewash your face a couple hours later? I can't tell you how many products I've tried that either leave me feeling kind of clean, or leave me feeling like I need to wash my face again after I've already spent the time putting on my makeup and all that jazz. This cleanser really gets the job done. You can feel the deep cleanse, you can feel your skin responding and tightening, and you don't feel, what's the word… dirty? … so soon after washing. Which is the goal right? To cleanse that beautiful face? This is especially nice for me because of the climate I live in. The regular heat makes it that much more important to have a cleanser that my skin responds well to.

18% of the Daily Moisturizer is made of jojoba, avocado and grape seed oils, which ensure hydration and provide a lightweight, soft finish. It's great for all skin types and has a smooth base that works quite nicely under makeup.

I have combination skin; it can literally never decide if it wants to be oily or if it wants to be drier than the Sahara (even living in 365-summer), so I never know what it's going to do when I try a new cleanser or moisturizer. I was super excited to find that my skin was NOT dry after using the cleanser, and that my face didn't feel thick and soon-to-be-oily after applying the moisturizer. It was lightweight as advertised, it was smooth and it was perfectly hydrating. It also didn't thicken when I put on my daily makeup. I wear a primer and a tinted moisturizer on the regular, and if I'm going somewhere, a bit of foundation and highlighter. I was able to wash, moisturize and apply my makeup right away without needing to wait for the moisturizer to sink into my skin, and didn't feel anything other than super fresh. Good sign!

Pro Tip: You don't need more than one pump of the moisturizer, even if you tend to have dry skin! I typically need more face lotion with other products that I've tried, and so I made the mistake of pumping probably three times my first go-around. That ended up being too much so I tried less the next time and it was enough! It spreads well, which is nice because it just shows that the bottle will last a good deal of time.

Then there is the Mint Exfoliating Facial Polish, which I haven't used daily because I don't really need to exfoliate more than once or twice a week, but I love it! It is derived from sugar, for a mild, deep cleanse, and contains apricot oils to smooth and clean skin without drying it out (another win for my crazy skin). The mint scent is also quite relaxing, especially if you exfoliate in the shower. Which makes sense since peppermint is often used in aromatherapy. You know, get those aromas flowing.

The Makeup Remover is perfect and again, you don't need a lot to get the job done. It's oil-free and it doesn't irritate your eyes, which I have experienced with other removers. While it doesn't leave anything behind like some makeup removers do, I'd still follow up with the cleanser, just to get a good wash and a whiff of that amazing scent.

Overall I am a big fan of Boston Brow Studio's new product line. The skincare is top-notch and it doesn't hurt that the packaging is sleek, chic and looks nice on my counter-top. Check out their website to learn more and to get your hands on this new line! It'll go fast, trust me!


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