winestorage2 - Dream Home: Wine Storage

Dream Home: Wine Storage

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Anyone who knows me knows I love wine. It's no secret. With a love of wine comes the need for wine storage.

Now, I am no wine connoisseur, nor can I currently afford to have a wide selection for any occasion under my own roof… but I am absolutely a wine enthusiast. When you love something, you want it to have a nice home, right?

winestorage - Dream Home: Wine Storage

Sure, a wine cellar may be considered a luxury, but a girl can dream, right? My fiance is not a big fan of wine (yea… disgraceful, I know). He is more of the Moscato or nothing variety, which hurts my soul just to think about, but everyone has their own taste. Hey, if I have to give up a shelf or two for his beloved sweet drink in order to get proper wine storage, I will. Even if I don't agree with it.

Some of these displays, like the one above, are so extravagant that part of me feels that I wouldn't have it in me to remove anything from inside because they are so well done. Part of me.

While other displays are just asking to be opened. Now, this little beauty is far more realistic for the average wine fan. Not a cellar, not a walk-in, just a simple closet turned into a more useful wine fridge. Who needs a coat closet anyway?

Even more realistic (and frankly awesome) is this awesome use of small space. See, wine storage doesn't have to mean a huge home reno to make a special room! You can utilize unused corners and nooks, going from floor to ceiling so the space is hardly missed.

Empty space beneath your cellar stairs? WINE CELLAR.

*sigh* …one day.

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WINE STORAGE - Dream Home: Wine Storage

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