nine little streets - My Amsterdam Bucket List

My Amsterdam Bucket List

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We are going to Tanzania for 3 weeks after Christmas, so we worked our travels out so that we could have a long layover in Amsterdam on the way. What does one do with 20 hours in the Netherlands? Not quite sure yet, but I have come up with a running bucket list of things to do and places to see. This is a complete work in progress as we have about a month to come up with a game-plan. Suggestions are TOTALLY welcome; just leave them in the comment section!

Canal Boat Tour

amsterdam 300x204 - My Amsterdam Bucket List
Photo by Blok 70 / CC

Seems like an efficient way to see the city on a tight schedule, doesn't it?

Eat Dutch Cheese…

dutch cheese 300x220 - My Amsterdam Bucket List
Photo by Tod Kurt / CC

…particularly of the gouda variety.

Anne Frank House

annefrank 300x169 - My Amsterdam Bucket List

Hard to go to Amsterdam without exposing yourself to a little bit of Dutch history. I remember reading “The Diary of a Young Girl” growing up; couldn't possibly visit without at least trying to beat the lines!

Nine Little Streets

nine little streets 300x201 - My Amsterdam Bucket List
Photo by Ronel Reyes / CC

Shops and boutiques, what more can I say?

So much to see, such little time! I am also super curious about people's experiences with the proximity of the airport to hotels and the sights to see. We are likely going to book a room at or near the airport so that when we land, we can quickly drop our luggage off before going out for the afternoon. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Happy travels!


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